20 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Posted: July 1, 2011 in My point of view

Can one single man play significant role in reducing global warming? Sure!

Sources of global warming is the excessive carbon emissions. Carbon was involved in a variety of daily human activities, such as energy production, food production, the production of daily needs, handling garbage, etc. So there are many opportunities to cut carbon emissions through your daily activities.

1.       Change your light bulb with Fluorescent Light ( Neon)

 Change your light bulb with Fluorescent Light (neon) that much more efficient. Although more expensive, fluorescent lights can last up to 8 times longer than light bulbs, which is about 6 years. 7 watt fluorescent lights have the same power with 40 watt light bulb and 26 watt fluorescent lights same with 100 watt light bulbs.

2.       Work near home

The closer we work with the house, the less emission vehicles we produce. It will make contribution in reduction of CO2 released into the air.

3.       Use public transport

 The transportation sector contributes about 14% of greenhouse gasses. Therefore, to help minimize it, use public transport to travel. In the United States, the use of public transport can reduce CO2 released into the air up to 1.4 million tons per year.

4.       Stay in the middle of town

 Living in the middle of the town means make your residence closer to the workplace and other facilities. It will reduce the emissions from your vehicle.

5.       Pay bills online

 Pay bills online from your home or office also reduces vehicle emissions if the payment counters located in a places that should be reached by using a motorcycle.

6.       Open the windows in your home

 Opening the window causes fresh air comes into your home. It will reduce the use of AC, so it can reduce the amount of carbon released into the air.

7.       Reduce or nothing to eat steak

 Steak derives from cow that it dung contributes to release greenhouse gas emissions into the air. If not directly handled, cow dung will be degraded and produce methane gas, which is known produce the greenhouse effect much stronger than CO2. If we can utilize this gas as fuel, so the gas emitted to the air is CO2.

8.       Do not use plastic bags

The use of plastic will end up in TPA (Final Disposal). Plastic will boost anaerobic decomposition process in TPA that will produce methane gas.

9.       Buy local products

 By buying local products, you have reduced vehicle emissions needed to distribute products from the production place.

10.   Plant the bamboo as a fence

 Beside the function as a fence, in large numbers, bamboo also acts as an absorber of CO2 from the air.

11.   Use a plane with a direct route

 To make a long distance travel, use a plane with a direct route, or in other words do not make a transit. Transit will improve aircraft emissions. According to research of the International Air Transport Association, the direct China-Europe route (without transit) can reduce 30 minutes travel time shorter than the indirect route, reducing 84,800 tons of CO2 released into the air per year.

12.   Remove tie

 The use of tie to the office or elsewhere will increase the body’s temperature. It causes the use of AC to make comfortable.

13.   Turn off the electricity and electronic appliances when not in use

 When finished, turn off electricity and electronic goods. Electronic goods in standby or hibernate mode still consume energy. Turning off electronics will reduce about 63 kg of CO2 released into the air per year.

14.   Use recycled paper

 By using recycled paper, it means we have reduced the use of a pure paper comes from trees. Recycled paper using 60% less energy than paper produced from the tree. In the United States, each ton of recycled paper can save up to 4400 kWh of electricity, 30,000 liters of water, and 19 trees. Though the tree has the ability to absorb CO2 in large numbers.

15.   Pack something simple

 Wasteful product packaging paper and plastics can increase carbon emissions, because from the manufacturing process until processing it into waste can produce carbon emissions

16.   Use the natural fertilizer for gardening

 In gardening, why not we start using natural fertilizers such as dung and compost? Organic fertilizers are derived from living things, so it is guaranteed more natural when compared with synthetic fertilizers derived from various chemicals that one of them can produce NO2 gas which is a greenhouse gas. Instead of burning, composting organic waste is not releasing all the CO2 into the air. Some CO2 still in the compost in the form of fiber that play important role in binding nutrients and water.

17.   Use the maximum car

 When traveling, maximize your car capacity by inviting friends or neighbors. This will minimize the use of vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions into the air. Beside that, traveling together will be more fun, right?

18.   Plant a tree

 Trees can absorb many tons of CO2. So, beside can make the environment more beautiful, the trees can also help slow global warming.

19.   Stay in small and energy-efficient home

 Small house that compact and functional will need less energy. By designing the house that allows sunlight comes into the house, it can reduce the need of energy to turn on the lights during the day.

20.   Use as many organic ingredients Organic materials are produced through the natural mechanism, so it uses less energy and releases fewer emissions. Moreover, by utilizing organic materials such as wood, bamboo and other fiber producer for various durable purposes, you have participated in keeping carbon, so little by little the excess carbon in the air is reduced.


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